Year 2


Please open the following letter from the teacher for the 2021-2022 academic year:

Welcome to Hazel Class Letter

Welcome to Juniper Class Letter

The attached PowerPoint will give you further information about the year group:

Welcome to Year 2 – 2023/24



How can you help?+

There are lots of exciting ways that you can help your child at home with their key skills.  This page contains some useful ideas and website links.


So that your child maintains good progress in reading, we strongly encourage regular reading activities take place at home. Children enjoy being read to and with, so please make time in your busy schedules to help your child.

*  We are trying out our new book changing scheme, get involved and encourage your child to pick books from their box level which interest them.

* Listen to your child read as often as possible. Support them, praise great reading and help them further by asking questions about what they have read.

*  You reading to your child would be another valuable opportunity.  By sharing a variety of texts and demonstrating your love of reading it will interest your child.  You could also play audio stories for them to listen to or show story videos.  The internet contains a selection of these e.g. Julia Donaldson Stories  and  Story Line Online . Explore Youtube for more!

Please record in their reading diaries whenever reading at home takes place.  It is important that children have their reading diaries and books at school every day.



This document has a fantastic selection of activity ideas which you can use to help engage your child with their weekly spellings.  Frequent practise of the high frequency words which you received in the parent pack would also benefit from using these activities:

Fun spelling activity ideas!


This video shows how to pronounce all the sounds your child will need to know for phonics:

Sounds Video

These phonics mats show some of the sounds your child has been learning, lots of word games linked to these sounds would benefit their learning:

Phase 2 Phonics Sound Chart

Phase 3 Phonics Sound Chart

Phase 5 Phonics Sound Chart

Check out some of these phonics game websites by clicking on the links:




Youtube provides lots of additional phonics songs and videos to support the learning of different sounds and reading and writing of words for each sound.



Literacy Games Websites




Maths Games Websites




Times Tables

Knowing and understanding how to count in 2s, 5s and 10s is an important skill, therefore lots of practise and reciting of counting up in multiples would benefit your child.  The 2s 5s and 10s times tables are the next hugely important skills for your child to learn.

Here are a variety of video links to support times tables development:

2 times tables videos     

5 times tables videos       

10 times tables videos

Plus click here for lots of fun times table games:

Times table games

More times table games 

Once they are confident try testing your child times tables out of order. 

Also check out the following links for other learning websites:

Please use the login details below to get accesss to the Busy Things website:

Username: home5826

Password: peartree

Information for Parents+


Click on the file below to see our homework grid overview for the 2021/2022 academic year:


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