Mrs Peden BA.Ed (Hons)

I  have worked at Pear Tree Mead since 2004.  I have worked in Reception and Year 3/4.  I was Deputy Headteacher for 7 years and became the Headteacher in September 2014.  I have been teaching for about 20 years and my passion is to help make a difference to children’s lives and education and help prepare them for their next steps.  I enjoy working at Pear Tree Mead as I like to work with whole families and work together as a team.

As part of my job as Headteacher I oversee the SLT, teachers and other staff as well as the day to day running of the school.   I am also on the governing body.  My role continues to be part of the Senior Leadership Support Team.  I am the mental health and well-being lead in the school as well as the Deputy Safeguarding Lead.