School Council

Our school council is made up of two children from each class from Years 1 to 6.   They are voted in at the beginning of the year by their peer group.  We have two meetings per half term to discuss a variety of issues; from how we can help new parents to the school, raising money for issues  that we feel are important and school rules.

We are going to think about the school vision for the next five years and what we would like to see happen at Pear Tree Mead Academy.

Our School Councillors for 2022/2023 are:-


Elm – Rowan Webster, Ivy Webb


Fir – Ruby Kerrigan, Elias Samson


Hazel – Grace Harris, Haidar Rehman


Juniper – Hugo He, Amelia Samy


Lavender – Samuel Whiston, Piper Curtis


Mulberry – Jake Fillmore, Beau Cornell


Oak – Amelia Godfrey, Ollie Hart


Pine – Florence Gold, Cassius Green


Redwood -Emily Julian, Bruno Barrett


Sycamore –Alice Rothon, Ehan Alam


Willow – Jessica Reynolds, Spencer Hand


Yew – Sean Smith, Arabella Hamilton