Refreshments and School Meals

Snacks and drinks

If your child is in the nursery or reception class we ask you for a small contribution each week to cover the cost of snacks and milk. From year one, children have the opportunity to buy fruit from the fruit trolley at playtime at the cost of 30p per item. KS1 children receive free fruit at morning break time. Sweets, crisps and chocolate are not allowed at playtime. Children can bring a clear bottle of water which they are free to drink at most times during the day.


ISS have taken over our catering at lunchtime and we are now able to offer a very high standard of hot dinners.  All children in EYFS and KS1 are entitled to a free school dinner due the governments free entitlement.  In KS2 Lunch is £2.18 per day or £10.90 per week.  Please pay for your child’s school dinners via ParentMail.

Some children may be entitled to a Free School Meal,(FSM) please ask in the office for more information if you think your child may qualify.  If you think you may quality for a FSM, please apply even if your child is in EYFS or KS1 or does not wish to receive the meal, as the school receives a Pupil Premium amount of money for each child which helps support these children in our school.

Children may also bring a packed lunch. We encourage healthy lunch boxes and no sweets or fizzy drinks are allowed.  Please support our No Nuts policy.  We have children with life threatening conditions and we ask that you do not put nut products in your child’s lunchbox.

You can look at more of our school meal policy by looking in our policies page.

You can see what the children will have during their time at school by clicking below:

Pear tree mead Summer Menu