PE Kit

What should my child wear in their lessons?


PE Kit

Logo’d Bottle Green polo top

With initials (optional)

Logo’d Black shorts

Black socks


Outdoor kit

Plain Tracksuit (school one optional)

School Zoodie is still allowed




  • Every item of PE kit should be clearly labelled so can be given back if found.
  • Children should wear appropriate footwear for PE.
  • Long hair (boys or girls) should always be tied back to prevent entanglement in apparatus and to prevent obscuring vision.
  • All sports Governing Bodies and Essex County Council insist no Jewellery may be worn during PE lessons, swimming lessons and extra-curricular sports clubs. This includes watches, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
  • We do prefer children not to have their ears pierced, but any child who wishes to have their ears pierced should only have them done at the start of the six weeks summer holidays. Parents/carers are solely responsible for removing earrings from their children’s ears on the days their child has PE. No member of staff, or any child, is allowed to remove earrings from any child. Children with earrings should be taught how to remove their earrings on their own and to put them back in. medical tape and plasters cannot be placed over them.
  • If children persistently forget their kit, parents will be contacted and spare kit given.
  • Swimming costumes/trunks and swimming hats are required for pool activities.



Official items of Pear Tree Mead Academy PE Kit (shorts, t-shirts, tracksuit and PE bags) can be purchased from ‘Create Identitee, Unit 43, Greenway Business Centre, Harlow Essex.