Early Intervention

Speech and Language

We support speech and language development through a range of activities.

WellComm is a speech and language tool kit to support staff in identifying whether there are any speech and language needs.  We use WellComm across our Early Years settings to support children’s development and confidence.

We may ask you to attend a Speech and Language drop in session to support your child.  If you would like to find out more about development in this area please have a look at the milestone poster;


Motor Skills Development

The development of fine and gross motor control is vital in supporting writing and other activities.

Throughout the settings we use ‘funky finger’ activities to strengthen and develop fine motor skills.

‘Dough disco’ is used to warm up and strengthen the hands before writing.  It also supports the development of muscles in the hand.

Our outdoor area is designed to support good gross motor development which has an impact on fine motor development.  We also set up a range of outdoor activities to support motor skills development as well as engaging play.


Sensory and Emotional Needs

We  offer lots of opportunities throughout the day for children to explore their sensory needs and and have sensory and movement breaks.

We start to teach children in Reception about how to regulate their emotions.

For children who need extra support we will provide extra sensory breaks and sessions.


Further Support

If we feel that a child may need extra support we would discuss this with their parents.  We have close links with our school nurse and the Speech and Language Therapy team.  If you have concerns about your child’s development then please speak to their class teacher.  Mrs Martin is the SENDCo and would also be able to discuss any concerns that you have.