The art curriculum at Pear Tree Mead intends to empower and inspire children to be experimental, imaginative, and confident with their creations whilst developing their art skills using a growth mindset.

Art is taught throughout their journey at Pear Tree Mead, from the Eary Years to Year 6. It is taught through a selection of artists so the children can obtain a broad knowledge of different artists and different skills that allow children to produce quality artwork. The artists chosen are from a range of eras and genres so children can understand how art and different art movements have influenced and shaped our country and world and how the children could be part of that creative movement.

Each year we provide our Artists with the opportunity to create a masterpiece that will be displayed for all to see. These are then celebrated in the community and within our school. We know how important it is for artwork to get the recognition it deserves!



Early Years Art
During the Early Years Foundation Stage, children experience a variety of experimental activities which allows them to use a range of materials and tools to prepare them for progression into Key Stage 1. This focussed on creativity and underpinning some fundamental fine motor control.


Key Stage 1 Art

Year 1:
David Hockney (English, cubism, pop art)
Giuseppe Arcimboldo (Italian, painter, portraits)


Year 2:
L.S Lowry (English, painting, drawing)
Piet Mondrian (Dutch, abstract, painting, geometric art)
Tinga Tinga African Art

Key Stage 2 Art

Year 3:
Andy Warhol (American, printmaking, pop art)
William Turner (Romanticism, print maker and watercolours)
Alberto Giocametti (Switzerland, sculpture, surrealism, cubism, expressionism)


Year 4

Frida Kahlo (Portraits)
L.S Lowry (Urban landscapes)
Joan Miro (Spanish, abstract painter, sculpture)
Barbara Hepworth (Sculpture)
Norman Foster (Architect, British, London landmarks)
William Morris


Year 5

Michelangelo (Italian, renaissance, sculpture and painter)
Vincent Van Gogh (Netherlands, modern art, pointillism, realism)


Year 6

Damien Hirst (conceptual and sculpture, English, richest English artist)
Banksy (English, graffiti, street)
Monet (French, impressionism, realism)