Children’s Important Jobs at PTM

We are pleased to announce the Year 6 jobs for this year.  All the children who wished to apply wrote a letter and attended an interview with the Senior Leadership Team.

The school council have been chosen in each class through a class vote.

All children will receive their special badges.  Lost badges can be replaced at the office for a small cost if necessary.

Pupil Leadership Team

Zachariah Ayoubi

Louis Papaphilippou

Rebecca Iona

Paige Ellis


House Captains

Poppy – Dexter Groves, Maria Oprea

Daffodil – David Postelnicu, Isla Collis

Clover – Lewis Wong, Lacey-Mae Wing

Bluebell – Thomas Howell, Mia Brown

Assembly Monitors

Luke Taylor

Ellie Fleming

Paige Bedford

Logan Armstrong

FOPTM Ambassadors

Bowie He

Isabelle Gardener

House Point Monitors

Faye Golding

Callan Brodie

Sports Reps

Freddie Hart

Maisy Wilson

Bobbie Brooks

Jennifer Osagie-Ighodaro


Lunch Ambassadors

Macie Staples

Amelia Drzewiecka

Bench Buddies

Oliver Montgomery

Louie Samy

Joseph Lilley

Bradley Harrison

School Council

Elm – Cody Parnham, Jazmin Reynolds


Hazel – Ava Gordon, Kit Calladine

Juniper – Isabel Dobos,  Arthur Nottage

Lavender – Parker Williams, Erina Madana

Mulberry –  Eve Burton, Teddie Jo Clarke

Oak – Lacey Hymas, Hammad Rehman

Pine – Lyla Spence,  Adnan Akay


Sycamore – Blake Knox  and Riley Bates


Yew – Thomas Howell, Ellie Fleming