Charging and Remissions

Because we offer much more than just a basic level of education we need your help to give children extras such as music lessons, visits, visiting theatre and music groups, swimming, cooking and special craft activities. Where we ask for a “voluntary contribution” this is voluntary in the sense that we would not stop one child from taking part if the money was not paid. However, if more than one or two parents did not pay, the activity would usually be cancelled.


Instrumental lessons:

Lessons on a variety of instruments can be provided for a termly charge. Music fees should be paid in the first two weeks of term and a term’s notice is needed if children give up an instrument. You may also need to pay for sheet music, replacement strings and any exam fees. There is support for parents on benefit.


Lunchtime and After School Clubs:

We are extremely lucky to have a wide variety of lunchtime and after school clubs on offer to the children. Some of our clubs are organised by an outside agency. These clubs are run with a charge and are booked through the company via school. Some of our clubs that are run by staff also occur a charge, this is due to equipment needed and so that we are able to organise transport for the children who partake in tournaments.


Residential visits:

The Year 6 children can take part in a week long residential visit to the Kids Klub centre in Suffolk. They enjoy many adventurous activities from canoeing to abseiling. They learn a great deal about facing new personal challenges and working as a team. There is a charge of approximately £230 for the week. Some support may be available for real hardship.


Finished products (cooking and craft):

You may be asked for a small amount to cover the cost of materials if you want your child to bring home things made at school.

You are able to see our Charging and Remissions policy on our school policies  page.